Thoughts (Karaoke)

by Gardanta

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released July 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Gardanta Warsaw, Poland

Gardanta is a music project based in Warsaw, Poland.

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Track Name: The World
I dont like what you are doing
you should stop immediately
what you are doing you twat
its irresponsible
I thought you know what you are doing
You were entrusted
We belived in you
ought to save our planet
but now you are fucking us all
hurt environment without a knowlage - without a reason-
you dont have to be a smart dude to know that what you are doing is baddd
back in medieval times people used to struggle with it, -a-a-a-again!
throwing plastic bags
dumping toxic gas
leaving pieces of glass
in a forest me love
people dont give a shit about nature anymore
our civilization on this planet is about to perish
if you dont stop

we should love each other
help each other
make the world a better place
where everybody can

its so stupid thinking that you cant affect the world
because if not us (humans) then who can change the world
most people think that they cant improve our world
and even more - they do nothing about that
and there are people who take advantage of that,
those who know that they can change the world
they do it,
sometimes its good, makes us happy
sometimes its bad and makes us sad
usually its just bad/sad
but Its something that makes them better

throwing plastic bags
dumping toxic gas
leaving pieces of glass
in a forest me love
Track Name: Friends
running away from your life
running away from what you can touch
whats the meaning of your life if you are not doing what you want
your entertaiment does not have to be hedonistic
as you can improve yourself from anything you do
your actions dont signify yourself
only what you learn from it matters
dont think that your hobby is waste of time if you like it
some say that books are knowlage,that they make you smart and creative
thinking you can be smart from reading modern novels about sex and drugs
ofcourse sex and drugs does not have less value if you can learn from that
sitting all day in my flat does not have to be warren neither as I know how to spend my resources
go out meet some people my mother used to say
but I see no reason to party every week with my detractors
talking about topics I used to consider intersting over 5 years ago, laughting to politically incorrect jokes
knowing that they will eventually turn their back on me as they feel ofended by myslef
I'd rather sit all day in my house, starring at the floor as my cat is trying to catch a fly for 20 minutes
openly do and say what I want
of my own free will now I say
fuck off two-faced fucks
I know you have full range of beautiful conducts
but I absurdly dont consider them of any possitive value
Track Name: Death
I should eat more
its such a ignominy as I beat my feet for any penny

I am almost hairless, I should do something about that
being careless, nothing can touch me

I should go out, its really important to be amongs the people.
among everyone
among anyone

do you do drugs? you should not
do you smoke? you should not
do you drink? you should not

I guess you can tell that I am duds

also you can tell me that I waste my time
that I will achieve nothing
but based on my crimes
can you really reject my pride?

do you really want to be like a knife
from blunt to sharp, from sharp to blunt
fancy man, pale and gaunt,
short span of life
Bam!, slam!, you are dead now I cram your body to the coffin

Yet here I am, still
doing whatever I can
talking however I want
getting anything I need

I'd say it is not important how much money you can earn
as you can be a sad pile of ashes earning milions, still wanting to get more as you still feel empty inside and out
I'd rather be a neet in a need of money, pleased with what I got, and Ive got nothing to loose
Track Name: You
I can assure you in one thing - you are going to die

and yet you are doing
what your parents told you to do
they pass on you families treasure - a moral compass

first you learn
then you work

everything acording to the pyramid of success
if you did what they told you to do

now you earn lots of money that you dont really need
because you dont have any hobbies or interests
as you spent your whole doing what others told you to do
you are buying casual stuff like a new tv, car or a phone.

get a promotion, get married, make a family
put your kids into the pyramid, pass a compass

what the fuck dude, do you really want to live like that?
in a world when you live and die
is it worth it doing only these things?

why dont you just dont do what others are telling you to do and do what you want with your life?
like it does not even really matters how others perceive you
they dont like you? fuck them do what you want
and be content with what you like ((with your life))
Track Name: Yah
Rough translation

its really hard to distinguish
when I stop thinking consciously
I'm in psychosis
Trouble with focus, memory
wierd ticks
Flashes of consciousness
Is it the world crazy?
I dont know when my thoughts make sense
Will i recover my Consensus
Probably just a plain delirium
its propably because of that fog, outside
manifestation of whats evil
sometimes it stares at me
I have the impression that it infiltrates, invigilates
gaze at my soul, graps my heart
I have enough of it
sabotage on my ego
who is attacking it
he, they, you, you I (maybe me) I (is it me?)
I have not known for a long time,
If yes is bad if no is good
maybe this, or maybe, maybe eh...
Left on the sun
You wont catch me anymore, runner
Total loss of personality, anonymity
anty typology
discard a-
Washed out of emotions, feelings
discard ouch
Is it me that sabotages my ego
maybe yes maybe no maybe someone else
I dont know for a long time,
If yes is bad if no is good
Will I ever know what kind of man I am?
Will I ever discover where is my awareness?
will I ever again meet with my ego?
Will I ever know what kind of ma-
I should be there, there where is my enclave, where is a shelter
but my bed is not so cozy anymore
like it is not mine anymore

(... glitchy part @ 1:30 to 1:50)

sabotage on my ego
who is attacking it
he, they, you, you I
I have not known for a long time,
If yes is bad if no is good
maybe this, maybe or maybe

(... glitchy part @ 2:07to 2:25)
Will I ever discover where is my awareness?
will I ever again meet with my ego?
Will I ever know what kind of man I am

I should be there, there where is my enclave, where is a shelter
but my bed is not so cozy anymore
like it is not mine anymore

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Track Name: War Within
shooting people with your naked eye
throwing rocks
stabbing backs
constant interruption

your thoughts are not as clear anymore
your brain is not as calm when in conflict
shrinking, wrinkles
solving, resolving, dissolving

closed hand hitting your head
opend hand grabbing your heart
screwdriver screwing your brain
corrosive acid eating your kidneys

light makes me blind
from whats pure
as there is nothing purest
than the void

I wish I could find myself
in a void
I wish I could wash myself
in the void
from everything that surrounds me
in a real world

I had enough of it for a single journey
I have to make place for others
I have to go, I guess its a goodbye
for now
we may meet each other
in a different world
where there is no void
Track Name: Concrete Talk
In a wooo-
no, in a city
delusion of living
of the free will
fake streets
false people
true self,
the only within
cars hitting each other
chocking on its own shadow
No, stop!
No, why! I cant!
please dont make me to
please I dont want to

dont force it through my throat
dont make me into things that are going ~ just bad
considerations of youths future
fucking noise everywhere
everyone is talking
no one can
shut up
and listen to each other
having fun is what we want
then lets just be
and dont fucking yadda yadda
its fucking irritating
I have enough
of your bullshit
its time
its a good time
to stop
and think
about something else
than yourself
I vouch I vote
I vote I vouch
Track Name: Animals
I have a real issue about people hurting animals,
I don't know what's up with them
Why would one hurt someone weaker than they
It's really cruel creul cruul
You have to be a big dick to do something like that
No one sane enough would hurt an animal without a reason
One could say that animals dont have feelings
That they dont mind being beaten as they are fueled by instinct
Well if animals don't have feelings then we don't have feelings
Because as far as I know, we are animals too
There is a bunch of Metazoans capable of feeling and thinking,
some of them are even smarter than average homosapien
So just go fuck yourself with that stupid knowlege
With your hate speech you will only agonize others
Our cilivization - officially - ceased to imprison our kind
And it's time to stop animals slavery too
Imagine a world where inhabitants of our planet live in peace
Maybe I am speaking like a lunatic
But I am not ashamed of my vision
I believe that a highly advanced civilization is able to achieve total peace with everything
Our deepest instincts are holding us back
But with proper experience we can become omnipotent, faultless, flawless
My current shape is not going to it expirance but I hope that at some point in time my atoms will
Track Name: Senpai
senpai why are you drinking
all day
do you really want to
drink all day
do you really want to drink
only all day
is there anything you like
senpai pls stop
theres better things to do
senpai I know
doner and beer its a perfect combo
but cmon
senpai cmon
theres better things to do
alcohol is very toxic for your brain
and other organs
handful of disease caused by alcohol
do you really want to drink
alcohol and just slowly kill yourself
while you could do it with better drugs
cmon dude cmon